Friday, December 20, 2013 - carding shop selling stolen cards from Target breach

In December 2013, millions of consumers' credit card information was stolen by hackers from the retail giant Target.

Brian Krebs wrote an excellent article explaining how these stolen cards are 'flooding underground markets'

This post is a look inside the carding shop that is selling stolen credit card information from the Target data breach.

It is a usual shit carding shop, buy CCs and dumps, bin lookup, checker, etc.

One interesting thing about this shop: it features an automated WU and MG account crediting system. If you want to fund your account and make a purchase from this shop, you must reserve a 'drop' person to wire money to in Lviv, Ukraine. Nice.

Here we go...

Lovely login screen for a crook shop :-)
3 admins

ICQ: 100845
JID 2:
ICQ 2: 17700
JID 3: 
ICQ 3: 10576

Senator Rescator is some asshole hacker on the underground forum Lampeduza..thus Rescator.La is his. You can see he is listed as the 3rd admin.

After login page, News

Adverts for on site - a related carder shop

News page, recent activity, active shop. 


Note: over 199k out of 200k dumps are from America.

CC and Dumps pages:

Bin Lookup


Ticketing system for support

Add money:

This is the interesting part - in order to fund your account on this shop, reserve a 'drop' and wire them the cash..

Lol at this:
P.S. Please send your transfers in non-exact amounts by adding 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 dollars. Meaning, when you want to transfer 500 dollars, please send - 508, 506, 503, 504, 505. That will help receiving funds much, much faster. 

Add money, reserve drop:

And Lol at this:
Send all your transfers to:
City: Lviv
Country: Ukraine

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